Our Mission

Independence Place, Inc. is a non-profit, consumer driven, non-residential center for independent living, serving people with disabilities of all ages.  The mission of Independence Place, Inc. is to assist people with disabilities to achieve their potential for community inclusion through improving access and equal opportunity.


What is a Center for Independent Living?

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are nonprofit community-based nonresidential organizations that are run by and for people with disabilities. CILs are required by the 1992 Amendments of the Rehabilitation Act to have a majority of individuals with disabilities on their Governing Boards and on their staff, including those in decision-making positions.

CILs provide services to individuals with disabilities from cross-disability, multicultural populations. The 5 core services  are:

  • Information & Referral
  • Systems & Individual Advocacy
  • Peer Support/Mentoring
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Adult & Youth Transition Services

Why Were CILs Established?

CILs were established in the early 1970s when Ed Roberts and other students with disabilities from the University of California at Berkeley, along with disability advocates led by Judy Heumann, demanded control over their lives and full access in their communities. Due to these efforts, Ed Roberts was a pioneer in the independent living movement and was known internationally as the “Father of Independent Living.”

Before CILs, advocacy and services for people with disabilities were often non-existent or extremely fragmented. The development and expansion of CILs and the Independent Living Movement has been significantly influenced by a social and civil rights movement that viewed the continuation of discrimination, patronizing, and unjust treatment of people with disabilities as intolerable.

The empowerment of people with disabilities has evolved significantly during the past 30 years. CILs have played the leading role in the revolution of disability rights and the Independent Living Movement. CILs are the primary service providers of systems advocacy and promote the independent living philosophy of consumer choice.

How Are CILs Funded?

CILs receive funding from the state as seed money to provide the 5 core services. While the CILs are partially funded by these funds, it is often times not enough to meet needs of the services areas. As a non-profit we rely on fundraising and donors to continue to provide the highest quality of supports. For more information on giving please call us at 859-266-2807.